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    A citizen’s tip to the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office led to an officer’s arrest and exposed that the “good ol’ boy” system is still alive and well within the City of Humble.

    Michael L. Flynt, who had worked at the sheriff’s office Patrol Tactical Unit since January 2017, is accused of committing several crimes while employed with the Humble Police Department. Flynt was hired  by SJCSO as a lieutenant for their patrol tactical unit, a position similar to his assignment with Humble PD. Such units primarily focus on narcotics arrests through controversial methods such as profiling suspects and looking for reasons to pull a car over.

    Investigators said Flynt completed the personal history statement of his applications required for all applicants by the state. In that government document, Flynt reported no issues concerning his former employment with Humble PD.
    Based on his answers Flynt was offered a position by San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers.

    However, when investigators learned of Flynt’s history, an investigation was launched.

    Capers said the criminal issues were absent during the background investigation, because they’d been ordered sealed by former Humble City Manager Darrell Boeske, who also retired in 2017.

    Capers said detectives obtained a search warrant for all records concerning Flynt at the City of Humble.

    The documents revealed that Flynt was involved as the subject of several criminal investigations, was forced to retire versus being indicted and that he lied on his application/personal history statement when seeking employment with San Jacinto County.

    City of Humble administrators allegedly threatened employees to keep their mouth shut about such issues.

    “The background [check] is a cornerstone to law enforcement to ensure only persons of the highest caliber are accepted into the field, this omission by the City of Humble seriously jeopardized the integrity of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office,” Capers said.

    The evidence was presented to District Judge Kaycee Jones and arrest warrants for Flynt were issued.

    Charges include four state jail felonies and a misdemeanor charge, related to providing false employment information to the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Office.

    Flynt was fired from the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office on June 20, and surrendered to authorities in Liberty County the next day.

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