Charges Pending Against Suspect Arrested in Aggravated Assault at 4929 Paula Street

Charges are pending against a suspect arrested in the aggravated assault of two women at 4929 Paula Street about 12:40 a.m. today (October 2).
The suspect, Paul Carter (b/m, 49), has pending charges of aggravated assault of a family member and assault bodily injury of a family member.  A photo of Carter is not available at this time.
HPD Major Assaults & Family Violence Division Officers S. Ragsdale and G. Black reported:
The victim, Andrea Carter, 44, went to a club to meet her husband, Paul Carter.  Arriving before her husband, she saw him walk inside with another woman.  Andrea Carter then left the club and went home to the above address.
When Paul Carter arrived at the couple’s home, he began hitting his wife numerous times, causing injuries to her face.  Andrea Carter then defended herself with a knife, stabbing her husband in the abdomen before running outside.  Paul Carter began chasing her down the street, pouring lighter fluid on her and attempting unsuccessfully to set her on fire with a lighter.
When Paul Carter returned to the residence, he assaulted another woman, 24, who also lived at the home.  She suffered minor injuries and fled the residence.
Suspect Carter was transported to an area hospital where he remains at this time with what appear to be non-life-threatening wounds.
There are no charges against Andrea Carter.
KJS/JFC  10-2-18
Inc. #124724418

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