On April 5, 2023, AL gave a noncustodial voluntary statement to Affiant.
AL stated Daniel Medrano, Isiah Medrano, and two individuals nicknamed, “Black” who was later identified to be Defendant Jonathan
Lopez and “Nes” who was later identified to be defendant Arnez Semien, picked him up at his house. AL stated they drove to an unknown
apartment where the black Ford Mustang was parked. Once there the group planned to do an armed robbery at the game room and it was
decided that AL would be the person opening the back door to let the suspects in. According to AL defendant Isiah Medrano, Black, and
Nes, got into the Mustang and started driving to the game room, while Daniel Medrano and he drove there in a separate vehicle. AL stated
that Daniel and he arrived at the location and entered the game room, while Defendant Isiah, Black, and Nes parked in the back of the
business. AL stated he called Defendant Isiah and informed him of how many people were located inside of the game room, and around this
time, Daniel Medrano stated to AL “4 minutes go open the door”. AL stated that he opened the door and let Defenfant Isiah, Black, and Nes
· inside, while he left and walked away and heard two gunshots. AL later went to go pick up Isiah Medrano, Black, and Nes at a bayou, where
they had abandon!;!d the Ford Mustang. AL stated he dropped off Isaiah, Black, and Nes, at the Waterford Grove Apartments, which is
located at 3123 Crestdale Drive, Houston TX.
Affiant presented AL with still images from the surveillance footage at the game room. AL identified the suspect wearing the olive-green
hoodie to be Defendant Isiah Medrano and the person he walked in with to be Daniel Medrano.
AL informed Affiant that he attended Northbrook High School and remembers Nes to also attend to the same school and was in either the
football or the basketball team. AL stated he has interacted with both “Nes’ and “Black” in the past but just knows them by their nicknames.
Det. Martinez and Affiant traveled to Northbrook High School and met with Mr. Gomez, who Affiant finds to be credible and reliable. Mr.
Gomez informed Affiant that he is employed by Northbrook High School. Affiant asked Mr. Gomez if an individual nicknamed “Nes”
attended Northbrook High School and was part of either the football team or the basketball team. Mr. Gomez informed Affiant immediately
that “Nes” was a nickname for Arnez Semien, who played football and basketball for Northbrook High School. Mr. Gomez explained to
Affiant that, he has personally known Defendant Semien due to the Defendant exceling in sports. Affiant showed Mr. Gomez a still image
of the surveillance footage taken from the Lighthouse Smoke Shop, which features “Nes” wearing a facemask, gray sports shorts, and a
black hoodie. Mr. Gomez informed Affiant that the physical description of ”Nes” from the surveillance footage is Arnez Semien. Affiant
was provided with a school ID picture of Arnez Semien.
Affiant then met with Officer G. Chavez, who Affiant finds to be credible and reliable. Officer Chavez has been assigned to Northbrook
High School for the past 2 years. Officer G. Chavez informed Affiant that she is aware of an individual nicknamed “Black” and stated his
actual name is Jonathan Lopez but goes by the nickname “Black”. Officer G. Chavez explained to Affiant that she has had numerus
interaction with Defendant Lopez due to his criminal behavior in school. Officer G. Chavez stated that Lopez carried out multiple
Aggravated Robberies in the past and they were usually carried out at Waterford Grove Apartments, against other students. Officer G.
Chavez also stated that Lopez possibly lives at the location. Affiant showed Officer Chavez a still image of the surveillance footage taken
from the Lighthouse Smoke Shop, which features “Black” wearing a facemask, black sweatpants, and a black hoodie. Officer Chavez
informed Affiant that the physical description of “Black” from the surveillance footage is Defendant Lopez. Affiant was provided with a
school ID picture of Jonathan Lopez.
Affiant conducted research on Defendant Semien and Defendant Lopez and learned that Defendant Lopez was arrested in numerous
occasions for Aggravated Robberies. Affiant observed a mugshot of Defendant Lopez taken on October 26th, 2019 and found it to look
similar to the school ID picture that was provided to me. Affiant also found a recent mugshot taken of Defendant Lopez on December 20th,
2021 attached to his criminal history record maintained by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and listed under State ID (SID)
#TX18351401. Affiant then discovered that Defendant Semien was issued a Texas Identification Card #46566796, and after reviewing
Defendant Semien’s TX ID, the TX ID picture looked similar to the picture provided to Affiant by Northbrook High School.
Affiant traveled to the Harris County Jail and met with AL. Affiant showed AL, the picture of Defendant Semien’s Texas Driver’s License,
to which AL stated the male in the picture shown is ”Nes”. Affiant then showed AL a picture of Defendant Lopez’s mugshot, to which he
stated the person in the mugshot is “Black”.
On April 27th, 2023, Arnez Semien and Jonathan Lopez were arrested on a pocket warrant. Arnez Semien was read his Texas Statutory
Warning prior to the interview. Arnez stated that Denial Medrano was the person who organized the robbery. According to Defendant
Semien, Daniel Medrano provided him with the pistol, and Arnez along with Defendants Lopez, and Isaiah, traveled to the game room in a
black Ford Mustang, where the robbery was conducted. Arnez, along with Jonathan Lopez and Defendant Isaiah then got back into the Ford
Mustang after the robbery. According to Arnez, he was laying down in the back seat, while Jonathon Lopez was driving, and Isaiah
Medrano was in the front seat Defendant then stated that he saw the complainant running towards them, that’s when he heard a gunshot
being fired from either Lopez or Defendant Isaiah. Arnez identified Daniel Medrano as the male on the game machine, AL as the male
Jose Palacios (fake name given at the game room), who was later identified to be Omar Medrano, were the first people to arrive at the
location. Approximately 20 minutes later Eric Hernandez (fake name given at the game room), who was later identified as suspect Daniel
Medrano, and an unknown Hispanic male wearing a gray hoodie who was later identified to be AL, who’s name is redacted for safety
reasons and is mentioned hereafter with his initials “AL”, arrived at the location. GH explained that since Eric Hernandez was going to play
one of the game machines, his picture was taken, but the male wearing the gray hoodie did not have his picture taken, since he was just
going to watch the game. Affiant asked GH if he has seen this male wearing the gray hoodie in the past. GH replied that he has only seen
him once before, when he came with an individual named Oscar Martinez. According to GH, the male wearing the gray hoodie asked him if
he could grab a soda from the fridge which is located next to the back emergency exit door. GH stated he told the male wearing the gray
hoodie that he may grab a soda from the fridge, and GH then continued using his phone. OH explained that when he looked up a short
moment later, he observed the back door to be open. According to OH, he was about to go close the door thinking that the male wearing the
gray hoodie had left the location, when he observed at least three males rush into the location from the back door while brandishing pistols.
One of the males was wearing an olive-green hoodie.
GH stated that the suspect holding a flashlight came straight towards him and took his bag which contained money. After taking his bag, the
suspect threw him to the floor. GH further stated, the suspects attempted to open the game machines but were not successful, after which
they instructed him to open them. The first few machines he opened did not contain cash, which angered the suspects. Affiant asked GH if
the suspects knew where the money was usually held and GH replied “yes.”
According to GH, he believes the suspect wearing an olive-green hoodie is Oscar Martinez (fake name given at the game room on previous
occasions) later identified as defendant Isaiah Medrano (white male, date of birth December 24, 2004, Harris County SPN 03178136). GH
explained that he hears Oscar say “money” very often and the way he says it is very distinct. According to GH the male wearing the olivegreen
hoodie stated to him, “open the machine to get the money”. GH stated that at this point he knew the suspect was Oscar, and he stated
to Oscar “you really gonna do this bro” and Oscar replied, “shut the fuck up and open that or we’re gonna shoot you”. GH further stated that
he was certain that was Oscar because the suspect kept staring at him.
GH stated that once the suspects left, he heard a lot of commotion inside of the game room. GH stated that he did not hear the gunshots, or if
the victim was from the game room.
Affiant reviewed surveillance footage from the Lighthouse Smoke Shop, which carries a physical address of 7555 Long Point Road,
Houston, Harris Count, Texas. Affiant discovered, at 1819 hours AL and suspect Daniel Medrano arrive at the smoke shop in a gray
Chrysler 300 and enter the location. At 1832 hours, while Suspect Daniel Medrano is playing the game machine, he gives AL (sitting beside
him) a cellphone, which is then operated by AL. At 1833 hours, AL is seen showing Suspect Daniel Medrano the screen of the phone,
before walking towards the back emergency door. AL is seen opening the back door and pretending to make a phone call (surveillance
camera also has audio). At 1834 hours three suspects armed with firearm are seen rushing through the door that AL opened. AL is then
observed walking away towards Long Point Road, while the suspects conduct the robbery. At 1844 hours, the suspects are seen getting into
a black convertible Ford Mustang and fleeing towards the front parking lot area. At 1845 hours, the complainant is seen running towards the
suspect vehicle, when an individual from the Mustang is seen shooting the complainant. Since the surveillance camera has audio, Affiant
was able to hear two gunshots.
Affiant was informed by Del Martinez, that Officer Ready, who I find to be credible and reliable, discovered through camera system, that
the suspect vehicle was possibly a black 2001 Ford Mustang bearing TX plate FrL8206. Officer Ready explained that he believes that this
is the suspect vehicle due to its common defects, such as a defective rear window, and distinct white stripes on the side. Officer Ready
stated the vehicle was captured on camera at the intersection of Silber St. and Interstate 10 on March 28th, 2023, at 1709 hours. Affiant
conducted research on the vehicle and discovered it to be listed on HPD case# 450483-19. The report detailed that Daniel Medrano was
arrested for and the vehicle was in his possession. Affiant compared Daniel Medrano’s mugshot and found it to be similar to “Eric
Hernandez’s” picture taken at the smoke shop.
Det Graf, who I find to be credible and reliable, showed GH a photo array containing Daniel Medrano’s picture, to which GH picked Daniel
Medrano. Affiant then received a tip that the suspect holding the door was an individual named AL. Affiant conducted research on AL and
found his mugshot to be similar to the male holding the door.
Del DeSoto, who I find credible and reliable, presented a photo array containing AL’s mugshot to GH. GH picked AL’s picture. Affiant
received another tip that stated that Isiah Medrano was the shooter. Affiant also researched defendant Isiah Medrano and found his mugshot
under SPN#03 l 78136 to be similar to Oscar Martinez’s photo taken at the smoke shop on a previous occasion. Det DeSoto presented a
photo array containing defendant Isiah Medrano’s Harris County booking photo and photographs of five males with similar facial features to
GH. G.H. identified Isaiah Medrano as the person who entered the store wearing the olive green hoodie.
DA LOG NUMBER: 2941993
that he has good reason to believe and does believe that in Harris County, Texas, ISAIAH MEDRANO, hereafter styled the Defendant,
heretofore on or about March 28, 2023, did then and there unlawfully, while in the course of committing and attempting to commit the
robbery ofG.H., intentionally cause the death of Joel Villarreal by shooting the Complainant with a deadly weapon, namely, a firearm.
Probable Cause
Affiant, S. Chettry, a certified peace officer employed by the Houston Police Department has reason to believe and does believe that on or
about March 28, 2023 Isaiah Medrano, white male, date of birth December 24, 2004, hereafter Defendant Medrano, committed the felony
offense of Capital Murder in Harris County, Texas.
Affiant’s belief is based on the following facts:
On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, Affiant S. Chettry, a certified peace officer employed by the Houston Police Department Homicide Detective,
and my partner Detective H. Martinez were assigned to investigate a Capital Murder that occurred on March 28, 2023 at 7500 Long Point
Road, Houston, Harris County, Texas.
Your Affiant arrived at the scene of a murder documented in HPD #439498-23, which has a physical address of 7500 Long Point Road
Drive, Houston, Harris County, Texas. This location is a shopping center parking lot. The deceased victim was later identified as Joel
Villarreal by his Texas Driver’s License. An autopsy was conducted by Doctor Maclayton, who is a Forensic Pathologist, employed by the
Harris County Institute of Forensic Science. Doctor Maclayton informed me that the cause of death for complainant Villarreal was homicide
due to a single gunshot wound to his head. I learned that the postmortem examination was documented under ML23-l 199.
We gathered the following preliminary information:
Patrol Officer Dailey called Homicide intake and reported a shooting at 7500 Long Point Road, Houston TX on March 28th, 2023, at 1847
hours. Affiant learned Joel Villarreal, hereafter the complainant, suffered a gunshot wound. The complainant was transported to Ben Taub
Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased by Doctor Severe at 2027 Hours.
Affiant, arrived at the crime scene and met my partner Det. H. Martinez and Inv. K.. Stringer. They informed me that, Officer Daley, who I
also find to be credible and reliable, was the responding unit. Officer Dailey was met by HFD Firefighters, who were attempting to treat the
complainant, prior to being transported to Ben Taub Hospital. Officer Daley further informed Det. Martinez that while securing the crime
Scene, a citizen informed him about a robbery that occurred at 7555 Long Point Road, which is a business named “lighthouse Smoke Shop”.
According to this citizen, he had observed the suspect’s vehicle in the back parking lot, and the suspects exit the back door of the business
and enter the vehicle and travel towards Long Point Road, just prior to the shooting. According to Officer Daley, he requested dispatch to
get in touch with a key holder to the Lighthouse Smoke Shop. While on scene GH, who’s name is redacted for safety reasons and only
known by his initials “GH” hereafter, arrived on scene and identified himself as the key holder.
While at the crime scene, Affiant interviewed GH, who I find to be credible and reliable. GH stated he was working at the Lighthouse
Smoke Shop (game room), after arriving at the location at or around 1700 hours. According to GH, two males, Luis Ventura and his friend
D.A. LOG NUMBER: 2941993

Defendant Name: MEDRANO, ISAIAH
Charged with: CAPITAL MURDER
Case Number: 181899801010 in Harris County, Texsa

Court Date: 2023-08-01
Date of Birth: 2004-12-24
Race: W
Sex: M

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